“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”


When I moved to my new home in 2018 (where I work and live), I decided I wanted something unique to mark the moment in time and highlight topics I’m passionate about.

The day I met Lauren I knew she was a perfect fit. I told her what I was hoping for—animals from a farm sanctuary I love, my dogs, and iconic snapshots from current affairs. I wanted it to represent my clients who are making the world a better place through their non-profit efforts. I had a lot of random wishes, and honestly didn’t know how she would be able to pull them all together.

The entire project, start to finish, was over a year. But since I was creating time-lapse videos almost everyday, we could calculate it was about 30 working days. When you see how big and detailed it is, 30 days just doesn’t seem like enough time. But Lauren did it, with grace.

PROTESTORS (from L to R): Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court), Emma Gonzalez (one of the March for Our Lives leaders + LGBT activist), Naomi Wadler (11-year old March for Our Lives speaker), unnamed immigrant mother and her child, Liz McKenzie (Dakota Access Pipeline activist), and Leshia Evans (Black Lives Matter activist)

ADDITIONAL PEOPLE: Two women » Asha Deliverance (mother of a Portland victim, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, who died defending a Muslim woman being attacked on a train) embracing another woman at a vigil for the victims

ANIMAL PEOPLE (from L to R): a hummingbird, Vinnie (my pit bull adopted from/rescued by Player for Pits), Wilson (a cow rescued by Uplands PEAK Sanctuary), Gertie (my pit bull adopted from/rescued by It’s a Pittie Rescue), Lucy (a pig rescued by PEAK), Bodhi (a rooster rescued by PEAK), Nemo (a goat rescued by PEAK), a horse, a white butterfly, a dove, three deer, and the wolf (my business is named after Mowgli from The Jungle Book, who was raised by wolves)

CALLA LILLIES: a nod to Diego Rivera (Mr. Frida Kahlo), who upset an awful lot of people with his political murals defying the wealthy in defense of the working class.