4 OSPREY|ECOFLUENT » Rebecca McBride, Founder and President (IL)

I cannot recommend Mowgli Studio highly enough for your business, organization, or personal endeavor. Not only will you receive smart and beautiful design work reflecting your organization’s values through branding, but you will gain a true strategic business partner. Anni takes time to deeply understand your endeavor, its unique value to potential customers/supporters, and builds communication tools and strategies that are a perfect fit for your organizational capabilities. In my 30+ years as a marketing professional, I have never received better service or genuine care from a vendor. I will always be deeply thankful for Anni’s participation in my nonprofit journey.

UPLANDS PEAK SANCTUARY » Mark & Michelle Pruitt, Co-founders (IN)

PEAK-profileWe highly recommend Mowgli Studio! Anni is extremely talented, efficient, dead-line driven, and able to take our ideas and bring them to life. Her work and partnership have been invaluable to our start-up non-profit!! We have always felt like we were her top client! Additionally, she set-up our website and newsletter in a way that was easy for us to navigate too. We are lucky we found her!


THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID » Kerry Rossow/Casey Wakefield/Jill Youse, Co-Founders (IL)

That's What She SaidAnni Poppen, our savior and goddess of all things creative. If only you knew what you were getting into when you said yes. We are in awe of you. When people ask us how we made this happen, we say: Anni Poppen. You have an unreal ability to sit back and listen to ideas and then somehow turn them into a beautiful reality. You made everything we thought of even better than we could have imagined. If we had to get stuck on an elevator for 12 hours with one person, it would be you.

FREEDOM4GIRLS » Pat Werner, Co-Director (KENYA)

Freedom 4 GirlsAnni Poppen of Mowgli Studio has been a remarkable partner for me as a beginner at developing and managing a web presence to market my grassroots organization. She quickly and efficiently designed and fine-tuned our logo. She gave creative advice and offered excellent suggestions as she patiently walked me through the details of a blog template and Facebook. Anni worked diligently to keep us on track and on schedule to attack this project in just 4 weeks. Her dedication and commitment to volunteer her time and expertise is commendable! The four weeks are over and I still have questions to be answered and learning to do—Anni assured me that I could contact her, and every time she has been so very helpful. Thanks, Anni! Sharing your talents makes a difference!

MAHOMET PUBLIC LIBRARY » Lynn Schmit, Director (IL)

Mahomet Public LibraryI’m very impressed with your work and the speed with which you completed our project. Friends of the Library had been discussing their need for a logo for a couple of years and they were shocked that it was accomplished start to finish in less than a month. Thank you for presenting us with logos we are proud to have as a representation of our library!


THISCOLLECTION.ORG » Stefanie Tan, Founding Creative Collaborator (SCOTLAND)

Ithiscollection.orgn a short month, Anni transformed a humdrum basic wordpress site into a considered and enriched portal for presenting works collected to date, and she offered a platform for new initiatives based on similar themes. She worked fast, hard and was never short on creative input, experimenting with various templates to our specifications, testing customised google maps/wikis/free forums, to see how to push the site’s limits to the maximum with our limited budget. Her understanding, support and enthusiasm helped develop—with integrity—the project’s original intent with confidence and to give project coordinators greater ownership and engagement.

Her attitude, consideration and humour make her an excellent collaborator in the dead of night when we worked through different time zones to get the site ready for a launch near the end of the month. Admirable that she managed the tedium so patiently as she also had to manage a day job and her active yoga review site also. Her practical knowledge of working online tools to enable smooth transfer of documents was precise, organised and thorough. She left us with clear instructions on how to manage the new site, a meticulous and tidy archive and much joy that we can now move on to better things.

THE SECRET CITY » Chris Wells, Founder/Artistic Director (NY)

The Secret CityAnni Poppen is amazing. She took our very simple, flat-but-serviceable website and gave us back a beautiful, rich, evocative and amazing representation of our organization and unique mission in the form of a new site, with multiple pages of images, text, and information. She revamped our logo and gave it a much-needed kick in the pants. She also provided us with a marketing plan for the upcoming months, and designs for merchandise that we will be implementing in our next round of production.

When I applied to be one of the 12 not for profits that Anni was looking for, I didn’t know how badly we needed her! But now that we have the new site, I can honestly say that she took us from early adolescence to confident adulthood—and, at every turn she was generous with her time and patient with the process. I wasn’t always sure we could go to the new, bold place, but Anni was confident and true, and provided just enough muscle to bring about a great, new vision for the organization.

I already know that this collaboration with Anni and Mowgli Studio is one of the great milestones of our growth, and when we look back on this time the impact will prove to be even greater. The response from our community has been overwhelming, and the power of the new site and look to attract attention is palpable.

Anni’s tireless, kind, thoughtful, creative, patient, generous, smart, talented and capable; AND, she’s doing such good work in the world. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

ELGIN’S GREEN EXPO 2012 » Sigi Psimenos, Event Organizer (IL)

Elgin, IL For three years our local environmental group has been holding a rather large one-day event called Elgin’s Green Expo. You’d think with 4,000 people coming to this event—over the course of seven hours—we’d have had a pretty slick website and set of marketing materials, right? You’d be wrong. Like most NFP’s, there is never enough money or hours to do all the things that should be done, you do what has to be done usually by the seat of our pants.

So when this opportunity came along to have Anni Poppen, from Mowgli Studio, offer to avail herself for one month to create WHATEVER we needed—be it website, marketing materials, press releases—I pounced on it. By the way, I also lit candles until we heard back.I had no expectations as to what would transpire, and thought whatever it would be would enhance what we already had. Imagine my glee when I saw what was created—Anni took my words, staid registration forms, etc., and turned them into a lively interactive website that has received praise from everyone who’s seen it. I’m like a kid with a new toy, and I want to play. She completed the package with posters, programs, banners, and everything else we’d need to market this event to the municipalities (a new dimension this year) and the community at large. They say success lies in the details, well Mowgli Studio covered those for us. I’m so excited to be able to use all the new tools she’s given us. To use today’s vernacular— Mowgli rocks!

PHILANTHERAPY INTERNATIONAL » Linda Szeto, Founder/President (IL)

Therapists Without Borders — Now PhilanTherapy InternationalAnni has an incredible ability to produce results in a very short amount of time. The process has so far been a whirlwind of professionalism, positive attitudes, and stunning designs.

*PhilanTherapy International use to be Therapists Without Borders—you can see our collaboration in two projects of the portfolio!